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Junior Library Guild Access

Great News! Students in grades K - 8 have access to the Junior Library Guild streaming digital library service. It's like Netflix for books.

Elementary Link (gr. K - 5):  http://jlg.ipublishcentral.com/r?bookshelf=VEJuC5L0joDanbgFMq1moWbZHhDL7wF38GcFquu5hpU%3D

Middle School Link (gr. 6 - 8): http://jlg.ipublishcentral.com/r?bookshelf=EQyhnRTNUg4TKghJVnnUf6wSClI4XoL4dHkju5whHIo%3D

(Older than an 8th grader? Don't be sad. You can use these links to read the books or listen to the audiobooks, too. You won't be able to bookmark, highlight, or make notes, but you can read, READ, R E A D!)

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