World Read Aloud Day

Wednesday, February 5, 2020, is World Read Aloud Day!  I would like to encourage you to take a few minutes to read aloud to your students and family on this day. 

The purpose is of World Read Aloud Day is to remind people of the power of literacy.  According to LitWorld, "when communities have access to strong literacy tools, every aspect of life improves, from family health and nutrition, to civic engagement and participation in the labor market, to poverty reduction."  As educators, we know/live this truth. 

There is power in hearing words. 

-- Ever learned you've been mispronouncing a word in your mind as you read to yourself? example: hors d'oeuvre
-- Dealt with homographs?  example: invalid -- The invalid was unable to rest quietly because he worried the changes in his new will might be invalid.    (in  vuh  lid  vs in VAL  id)  Pronunciation can change the whole story. 

There is power in hearing inflections and punctuation.
-- Even our virtual assistants, such as SIRI, are using these.  Customers have the option to change accents and styles as well as the speed at which it speaks.

-- Ever hear a monotone voice read something without pausing for commas, stopping for periods, becoming excited with an exclamation mark, etc....

There is power, magic, kindness, compassion, and love in sharing your human voice.
-- You can always spot a storyteller's lunch table.  People have crowded around it and linger just to hear one more tale.

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