Green High School students in grades 10-12 have begun taking an online career inventory assessment hosted by Future Plans. The inventory measures students in a number of areas, such as interests, personality, abilities, and work needs. 

After students complete the career inventory, they are provided with an online portfolio of results that match each student's personality and interests to their skills and goals alongside a list of in-demand careers that suit them. Students can click on their career matches to view a description of job activities, the education level required for the job, salary information, and the future outlook for the job. As students narrow their choices, they may be able to choose the best course of instruction in high school and their career and/or education path after graduation. 

Students will receive individual or small group coaching to help them understand their portfolio results and set specific and attainable short and long term goals that are relevant to their career choices. 

Further courses and labs are available to students on Future Plans. These options focus on self-management, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. College credit may be offered for full completion of these courses. 

Funding for this opportunity was made available through a State funded program called GRIT, which stands for Growing Rural Independence Together. The program is further supported by the Scioto County Educational Service Center and Ohio Means Jobs. GRIT is being implemented in schools, churches, rehabilitation facilities, and workplaces across Scioto, Adams, Brown, Highland, and Pike counties. The ultimate goal of GRIT is to stimulate economic growth and create train a qualified and dependable workforce for Southern Ohio. More information may be found at

Green hopes to have 9th grade students complete the assessment by the end of the year which may help these students make timely and informed decisions about attending the Scioto County Career Technical Center and pursuing College Credit Plus courses. Additionally, Green is working with Future Plans to pilot a similar program suitable for junior high students.

The local and surrounding community is welcome to get involved by offering internship and job shadowing opportunities for students or to volunteer as a career coach (training and background checks required). Please contact Erika Riffe at Green High School if you are interested in getting involved.