To: Parents and Guardians
Date: September 15, 2021

1. Mask Mandate to Begin Thursday, September 16th for 10 Days

This week has seen an increase in active Covid-19 cases. We have gone from 3 on Friday to 13 today.  Although it is important to say that at the time of this notification we have not seen spread as a result of the school day, we are experiencing a rapid increase in notifications.

Our approved continuity of education plan states that at 10 active district cases, we will initiate a mask mandate for all students and staff for 10 calendar days. At the end of that time, we will reassess our ability to resume optional masks or continue masking. As a result of today’s numbers (which reached 10-11-12-13 within hours), a mask mandate will begin tomorrow, Thursday, September 16th. The reassessment date falls on a weekend, so we will use information at that time to determine next steps for September 27.

2. Quarantine vs. Exclusion

There are times when these two terms are used interchangeably. For our purposes, “quarantine” is a term used by medical professionals; “exclusion” is a term used by school personnel.

When determining if a student or staff member must be excluded, we look at the exposure date, distance (less than 3 feet), duration (15 or more minutes), masking, and vaccination status. If a person is determined to be a “close contact” based on those criteria, the district will issue an exclusion. It is possible that an entire team, group, or class would not be excluded; it would only apply to those individuals who meet that criteria.
• Within 3 feet
• 15 or more minutes
• Unmasked
• Unvaccinated

Exclusions and quarantines are for 10 calendar days unless a close contact is tested 5 days after his/her exposure date with a negative result. At that point, the close contact can return after day 7.

3. Continued Tracking

The Green Local School District keeps a running total of Covid-19 active positive cases and close contact exclusions/quarantines on our website. In full disclosure, we attempt to update that chart 1-2 times per week. The direct link to follow that is: .

Thank you, and stay well.