Green High School

This year's Red Ribbon Week theme is "Drug Free, Looks Like Me".  To support the students of Green High School being drug free, we would like to introduce our daily events for the week.  Please see the flyers for more information.  

Daily Dress Days                                                                     Red Ribbon Week - Daily Advisory Tasks

Advisory Door Themes -
"Defend Against Drugs"
Advisory Teacher Dress Up -
”Too Magical for Drugs”
Mrs. Smith- Hulk
Mrs. Leonhart- Batman
Mr. King- Superman
Mrs. Skipworth- Spider-man
Mr. Armstrong- Thor
Mrs. Fannin- Iron Man
Mrs. Kuhn- Green Lantern 
Mrs. Gaffney- Captain America
Mr. Bailey- Aquaman
Mr. Claxon- Wolverine
Mr. Seidel- Falcon
Mrs. Eddleman- Captain Marvel
Mr. Keslar- Blank Panther
Mr. Smith- Doctor Strange
Mr. Salyers/Shoupe- The Flash
Mr. Haskins- Ant-Man
Mrs. Jager- The Wasp
Ms. Singleton/Mrs. Brown-Catwoman
The Office -Fantastic Four
Mrs. Smith- Up
Mrs. Leonhart- Nemo
Mr. King- Wreck-It Ralph
Mrs. Skipworth- Little Mermaid
Mr. Armstrong- Toy Story
Mrs. Fannin- Alice in Wonderland
Mrs. Kuhn- Frozen
Mrs. Gaffney- Beauty and the Beast
Mr. Bailey- Aladdin
Mr. Claxon- Lion King
Mr. Seidel- Monsters Inc.
Mrs. Eddleman- 101 Dalmatians 
Mr. Keslar- Pinocchio 
Mr. Smith- The Incredibles
Mr.Salyers/Shoupe- Robin Hood
Mr. Haskins- Peter Pan
Mrs. Jager- Rapunzel
Mrs. Singleton/Mrs Brown- Inside Out
The Office  (Riffe/McCorkle/Christi/Ramey) Ninja Turtles

Green Primary/Elementary

Green Primary and Elementary will also be participating in Red Ribbon Week.  Their daily activities will include:

  • Grade level coloring contests with a prize awarded to the winner in each grade.  Coloring sheets were handed out in the computer lab.
  • On Tuesday, two police officers will come to the school and speak with the kids about being drug free.  They will meet with K-2nd grades at 10a and shortly after 3rd-6th grades.
  • A banner will be hung by Mrs. Layne's room for kids to sign and pledge to be drug free.
  • All students will receive a bag of drug free goodies.
  • Dress-Up Days
    • Monday -- Wear Red to say "NO" to drugs
    • Tuesday -- Cozy up with your favorite pj's, not drugs 
    • Wednesday -- Kick drugs to the corral in your favorite western wear or bandana
    • Thursday -- Crazy hair/mismatched clothes can be fun but not with drugs
    • Friday -- Frighten the drugs away with your cool Halloween costume