Thanks to Green Alum, Tim Nelson for sharing these amazing photos of the field.

Also, I’ve been asked about the area behind the “BOBCATS” end zone.  More specifically, why isn’t that filled with turf like the other end?

That “D-zone” has additional drainage and will be completed with the track surface material. That area is reserved for high jump and pole fault.  Both of those events need an appropriate runway surface.

Additionally, the long jump area is directly in front of the visitor bleachers.  It will be equipped with a track surface runway as well. 

Shot and disc will be located in the grass behind the “GREEN” D-zone.

There will be a spectator sidewalk outside the track to easily access all event viewing areas.

The track will first be covered with stone and asphalt as the base.  It will later be finished with the poured track surface material.  Unfortunately, that final layer will be completed in late spring/early summer due to the required temperature to appropriately cure.  We need approximately two weeks of 60+ degree weather for that process.  Our track teams should be able to practice on the asphalt track this season until the final surface can be poured.

Stadium Video is also courtesy of Tim Nelson.