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Tuesday, February 15, 2020


The Green Bobcats will be LIVE tonight as they host the Manchester Greyhounds in the SOC I Division IV Sectional Semi-Final game on the NFHS Network today.  

To find the game click on the link below:

Boys Varsity Basketball vs Manchester | 7:00 PM East

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browse school name - Green High School - Franklin Furnace

scroll to select game


As per OHSAA regulations, tickets will not be sold at the door for any tournament event.  Tickets must be purchased online from the OHSAA website,  Tickets are $8 each.

Go home page

click on OHSAA tournament tickets

select the sport - basketball, then BASKETBALL - Boys

Scroll to Division IV, Region 15, then click on Southeast 2

Scroll to find the game, then click on GET TICKETS

Here is the link to watch the Bobcats in action LIVE tonight on the NFHS Network:

Boys Varsity Basketball vs Manchester | 7:00 PM East