It is mandated by the Ohio High School Athletic Association that all students in grades 7 - 12 participating in a jr. high or high school sport have a physical completed yearly.  Students will need only one physical per school year, unless the previous one has expired.   

The athletic department keeps a close watch on physical expiration dates.  FinalForms also helps track these dates and sends parents an email letting them know their child's physical is about to expire.  (It is very important that ALL email addresses are correct in FinalForms for this information to be sent.)

Please click on the link for the 2022-2023 Physical Form.

PLEASE NOTE:  The form has changed somewhat from last year so please read each page carefully!  It is important that all areas be completed especially those that are HIGHLIGHTED. The forms are considered incomplete, and will not be accepted, until all spaces are completely filled out and signed by both the student and the parent(s).  The student will be unable to participate in any practices or games until the completed form has been received by the athletic department.   

Students need to have a physical prior to the first official practice of the sport they are participating or when their current physical expires.  If a physical expires in the middle of a season, students must turn a new physical in before the next practice/game.  Official practices begin August 1 for all fall sports except cheerleading.  Physicals for cheer must be turned in by July 1.

Thank you,

Green High School

Athletic Department