Breakfast and Lunch Prices

Unfortunately, the Federal Grant that allowed school districts to offer free
breakfast and lunch to everyone was not renewed by legislators. As a result,
Green Local must go back to pre-pandemic lunch pricing. Our goal is to continue to
offer the most popular and healthy meal options that students enjoyed last year.

 Regular-Price Breakfast: $1.00
 Reduced-Price Breakfast: $0.30

 Regular-Price Lunch: $3.10
 Reduced-Price Lunch: $0.40

Remember to complete your annual Free/Reduced Lunch Form!

Forms and a Contest

Please take some time during Open House on Tuesday, August 16 th from 5:30-6:30
to visit the cafeteria and sample their homemade pizza. You may also take that
time to complete lunch forms. The class with the most completed forms will win a
pizza party!